31 marzo 2006

Friday of Tacos (or gorditas)

Finally it’s Friday. It was supposed that today we must have spoken in English all the day, according to our managers' advice. But, we didn't follow their suggestion; well, at least, we tried to speak in English just for some work related stuff, but for rest of the conversations we used our beloved Spanish.

We use English everyday at work, most of the time I prefer to write it rather than to speak it by phone. To tell you the truth, sometimes I felt kind of frustrated when speaking to people at United Kingdom, as I am more familiar when listening to the “standard english” from USA, but I was with a question mark on my face one time when I was calling to a guy who was speaking to me with that particular British accent and a little bit fast for me. Anyway, fortunately one colleague could understand him and everything was cool.

Well, I ate a couple of gorditas as it has become the Friday of Tacos (or gorditas), but first I had my Activia yogurt. After that I had one strawberry Bran Frut bar, later I had two chocolate cake slices with a coca-cola soda (we celebrate the birthdays of the month on last Friday of current month) and finally I ate fish (check the healthy with the not-so-healthy combination).

What else? My piano lessons are getting better each time (1 hour once a week). I am learning theory and important basic stuff about music reading. I should be practicing everyday (but I haven’t done it, but I will do it). I was frightened by reading music at first, but now I see that that is very easy, it is a matter of practicing, as when you start reading text, we all began with letters, syllables, words, sentences, and then paragraphs.

Right now, I am listening the first album that I heard from Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) and one of my favorite ones from them as well, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991). I could say that RHCP is half Flea and the other half is the rest of the band. Good funky music for anytime. Ladies and Gentlemen, finally it’s Friday.

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